a high energy, action packed dance and fitness class in high heels created and choreographed by


HOTTIE HEELS is a fast paced, action packed class that challenges dancers to push themselves to the limit and break all blockages that the industry or people may make them feel. HOTTIE HEELS prepares dancers to get ready for the professional dance world and also gets dancers ready to step into an audition with ease. HOTTIE HEELS offers an intense cardio workout targeting those areas we as women love to look good, THE ABS and THE BOOTY! HOTTIE HEELS also challenges your mind to learn fast and perform with confidence. There's something for everyone in this class. HOTTIE HEELS is a sisterhood and is a SAFE ZONE to feel free, discover yourself, and simply just GROW as a dancer without judgement! 

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Bring your HEELS, HOTT-NESS & Be Ready to LIVVEEEE & SHINEEEE!!!


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Hey Jersey. Love your moves! You always seem to wear the same pair of heels, what are they? I need some sturdy ones that hold up!

Hi Jersey, I love your HOTTIE HEELS youtube videos! Is there a dance studio I can go to in NJ that does that type of dancing?

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