Yonce feat. Vanessa Hudgens | Choreographed by Michelle Jersey Maniscalco

Vanessa Hudgens Channels Her Inner Beyoncé for "Yoncé" Dance Video—Watch Now!

"Dancin our hearts out and our knees off.
HA @lgypsy @chelccorp @noreenthemachine
thanks to @jerseyluv7 and @beyonce #partition #webekillinit"

"Vanessa Hudgens wants to make sure that you know she can dance. The former Disney star released yet another video that makes you want to blast a good beat and shake your tush in front of the mirror in your bedroom while you pretend to be in the middle of an ultimate dance battle at a nightclub. Just us?
A month ago, Hudgens teased that she and four other ladies took on Beyoncé's hit track "Yoncé" for a dance video, and now we can finally see the finished product.

The five ladies performed a sexy and fierce routine choreographed by Michelle "Jersey" Maniscalco, creator of Hottie Heels. Between flaunting their curves and doing a little twerk here and there, Hudgens and the other dancers' rendition of Bey's hot video was quite impressive.
Of course, this isn't the first time we've seen Vanessa channel her inner Beyoncé."

Watch Vanessa shows off her twerking skills in "YONCE" choreographed by Michelle "JERSEY" Maniscalco

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